Tri-fold vanity mirrors allow you to see your profile and face straight-on at the same time, which makes it a lot easier to apply makeup flawlessly and accurately, without any contorting. Our selection includes large models good for the home, along with some compact options that are great for travel

Best Tri-fold Vanity Mirrors

1. Easehold Ultra-Thin Tri-fold Vanity Mirrors

The Easehold Ultra-Thin (around $27) can not only be adjusted to a 90-degree angle for viewing under the chin, but can also be rotated 180 degrees, giving you several ways to apply and assess your makeup or check that a blemish has faded away.

  • Available in five styles
  • Safe rounded corners
  • Lights are a bit dim

2. Best Choice Products SKY3225 Tri-fold Vanity Mirrors

Available in either crisp white or black and boasting an arched center panel and slatted doors, the Best Choice Products SKY3225 (appx. $49) adds a classic look to vanities and dressing tables. It has a velvet-lined back, so it won’t scratch walls if leaned against one.

  • Robust wood construction
  • Should last through years of use
  • No magnification capabilities

3. Jerdon JGL10W Tri-fold Vanity Mirrors

The extremely versatile Jerdon JGL10W (about $34) has four light settings for daytime, evening, home, and office environments that can be easily selected using the sliding switch on the front. Its center mirror flips to reveal a 5x magnification option.

  • Can be set to 11 viewing angles
  • Built-in outlet for appliances
  • Side mirrors are quite small

4. Miss Sweet Beauty Tri-fold Vanity Mirrors

With its pink exterior and attractive heart motif on the front, the Miss Sweet Beauty (about $9) will help make both you and your dressing table look better. It is affordable, too, and its base has a small section in which you can store a few items, like jewelry or bobby pins.

  • Angle is adjustable
  • Two levels of magnification
  • Doesn’t take up much space

5. Hansong Rechargeable Tri-fold Vanity Mirrors

With Bluetooth speakers that sync up to a smartphone and let you play your tunes, the Hansong Rechargeable (appx. $37) will get you feeling ready for your day or evening in more ways than one. Its base includes several organizational compartments for cosmetics and other essentials.

  • Detachable magnifier
  • Audio quality surprisingly good
  • Can be used to answer calls too

6. Hamilton Hills HH1011 Tri-fold Vanity Mirrors

The Hamilton Hills HH1011 (around $150) features beveled edges that give it an elegant look, and glass that is attached to thick, solid wood, making it easy to stand this one up without any additional support. Its quality hinges can withstand a lot of opening and closing.

  • Available in three sizes
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Made by a family-owned company

7. Beautify Large Hollywood Tri-fold Vanity Mirrors

At a generous 41.7 inches wide by 23.6 inches tall in the center, and featuring a surface that is reflective from edge to edge, the Beautify Large Hollywood (about $79) is well worth the modest price. It’s sleek with clean, simple lines and should complement nearly any decor.

  • Tip-resistant design
  • Opens a full 180 degrees
  • Medium-density fiberboard frame

8. Kedsum Travel Tri-fold Vanity Mirrors

The Kedsum Travel (appx. $23) uses dimmable LEDs to illuminate your entire face, allowing you to see every detail clearly. With the ability to be powered either by the included batteries or a USB cable, it’s especially good for individuals on the go.

  • Recalls last brightness setting
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Can be wall-mounted or propped up

9. AirExpect High Definition Cosmetic Tri-fold Vanity Mirrors

Boasting a color temperature range from a warm 3,200K to a cool 6,500K, the AirExpect High Definition Cosmetic (around $34) makes it easy to get a preview of how you’ll look in almost any lighting setting, so you can step out the door with confidence.

  • Diamond-patterned exterior
  • Places for makeup brushes on base
  • Feels stable and sturdy

10. Waneway Hollywood Tri-fold Vanity Mirrors

The large LED bulbs surrounding the main pane of the Waneway Hollywood (about $99) will make you feel like you are on the set of a TV or movie production. It not only offers multiple color temperatures, but an adjustable brightness as well.

  • Flicker-free illumination
  • Bulbs stay cool to the touch
  • Fifty-thousand-hour lifespan

How to Clean Cosmetic Mirrors

Are you wondering how to clean cosmetic mirrors? When it comes to ensuring that you look your best, it is absolutely important to ensure that the mirror that you use is clear, and free of debris. Unfortunately, if the mirror is not cleaned appropriately, it can often result in nasty streaks, and even spots that can result in low quality when it comes to being able to visually see your face, etc when in use.

If you are concerned about looking your best, it is absolutely essential to ensure that you have a clean mirror that you can see in. Here, you will learn about how to clean cosmetic mirrors.

The first thing that you will want to do is gather a few materials. Gathering up a cloth that is soft and does not collect dust is appropriate for cleaning cosmetic mirrors. For basic cleaning, you will also want to gather some warm water that is obtained from bottled water. If you use tap water, or water that is enhanced with a number of minerals, you will find that streaks and spots are left behind when it comes to cleaning.

It is important that you work to ensure that harsh chemicals and other types of solvents are used when cleaning cosmetic mirrors. Many have used these types of products only to discover that it made the mirror a little worse, and possibly even ruined it with streaks and other visual flaws.

If you elect to use special cleaners that you purchase for the purpose of cleaning cosmetic mirrors, it is absolutely essential to ensure that you never, ever spray the cleaner directly on the mirror that you are trying to clean. You should first spray it on the cloth that you will use in order to clean the mirror, and then use the cloth to clean.

You must work carefully to ensure that the frame is not exposed to the moisture that is necessary to clean the mirror. If you allow moisture to sweep beneath the frame, it could affect the adhesive that is holding the mirror to that frame. This could result in the mirror being loosened from the frame. When this occurs, you will find that it is very challenging to get the mirror back in place.

If you follow the simple steps that I have outlined here in this guide, you will find that it is quite easy to be successful when it comes to cleaning cosmetic mirrors.